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There is a reason why the top aftermarket seat companies in the world choose Wedge. For nearly 40 years we have built and designed brackets for virtually every seat manufacture in the world. We are universally known as the seat bracket experts. We have had almost every vehicle ever made in our physical possession in an effort to design a seat bracket that would allow you to install your aftermarket seat with little to no modifications. If you ever pay a dime more than what a Wedge bracket costs, you are wasting your money. Wedge brackets have a lifetime warranty and if for any reason your bracket does not work the way you expected, we will custom make one to your liking. We are the only company that truly understands what it takes to build a custom, direct bolt in bracket. Those words “custom” and “direct bolt in” will save you a lot of time and headaches, take our word for it! There are so many variables that go into making a custom bracket. If the height of the bracket is not just right, your head will be in the roof. If the seat belt tab is not in the right place or the bolt hole is not the correct threading, the stock belt will not work as intended. If the holes in the bracket are not in just the right place, you will not sit centered to the steering wheel. Those are just few of the several variables that go into making a custom aftermarket seat bracket. If you have any questions regarding seat brackets or aftermarket seats

For nearly 40 years Wedge has been the seat bracket supplier to the worlds top seat brands. When it comes to seat brackets we are hands down the number one source in the world. There are several variables involved to correctly install aftermarket seats. What we are trying to say is a lot can go wrong if you do not have the correct bracket. We have done all the dirty work to make sure this process is as simple as possible. The last thing we want is the excitement of new aftermarket seats being overshadowed by the frustration of poorly designed seat brackets. The following are some common questions and concerns that we hear from customers and we have heard them all! If for any reason these do not answer your questions, please call us at 801-912-0450 and we would be happy to discuss over the phone. Please also note that if for any reason you get a Wedge bracket that does not fit exactly the way you would like, please call us and we will make the bracket to your liking.

1. How do your brackets compare to those of other bracket manufactures?
A: The fact of the matter is if you can find a bracket for less, that will bolt to your factory floorboard with little to no modifications, allow your factory belts to work as they were intended, won’t put your head through the roof, and will sit you centered to the steering wheel, then you found a great deal. You would more than likely have to go to a local welder or fabricator and spend several hundred dollars to make this happen. Luckily we already did it for you. What we can say with absolute certainty is if you pay a penny more for a bracket over that of a Wedge bracket, you are throwing money away. There is a reason we’ve been around the longest; we know aftermarket brackets better than anyone else. You have a lifetime warranty, we will modify the bracket to you liking if necessary, and you won’t find a better price.
2. Do you make brackets for most seat manufactures?
A: Yes, Wedge provides most seat manufactures with their brackets and we have done so for almost 40 years.
3. Will your brackets fit my seats?
A: Our brackets will work with most of the top seat brands in the world including Corbeau, Sparco, Recaro, Bride, OMP, Scat, and Cobra to name a few. Our brackets do not work with OEM/Factory seats.
4. Will I have to modify anything to mount your brackets in my car?
A: We have a custom bracket for almost every vehicle ever made. In 99% of cases our bracket will bolt to your floor with little to no modifications. The brackets were designed from the factory bracket and floorboard. In some cases, especially in older vehicles, floorboards can shift ever so slightly or there can be variations of floorboards for certain year vehicles. If you need us to modify a bracket because it doesn’t fit perfectly, we are happy to do so. Just send the bracket back specifying what changes need to be made and we’ll make it happen. Make sure to call us first and let us know what needs to be done.
5. What is the difference between an adapter and complete replacement bracket?
A: An adapter bracket adapts your aftermarket seat to the stock sliders. A complete replacement bracket is just that, a bracket that completely replaces your stock bracket and bolts to the holes in your floorboard.
6. What brackets do I need?
A: To determine which bracket you will need please use the bracket finder at the top of the page or look at our bracket guide. Any questions just give us a call at 801-912-0450.
7. Can I still use my factory seat belts?
A: In most cases you can still use your factory seat belts.
8. How much do Wedge seat brackets weigh?
A: Wedge seat brackets will weigh between 10-15 pounds depending on the bracket.
9. Are you brackets taller/shorter than my stock brackets?
A: We do our best to design our seat brackets to sit your aftermarket seats at the same height as your OEM/Factory seats. The real factor that determines the height of your seats is the thickness of the seat base compared to that of your factory seats. In other words, if your factory base is only two inches thick but your aftermarket seat base is four inches thick, you’ll more than likely be sitting about two inches higher than stock.
10. Does Wedge sell side mount brackets?
A: Yes, Wedge does sell side mount brackets but there is one important warning to make you aware of. There is a very common mistake consumer’s make when it comes to side mount brackets. If you are using side mount brackets with an FIA approved seat, you must use the side mount bracket from the seat manufacture who’s seat you are using. In other words if you have a Sparco FIA seat and order Wedge side mount brackets, you would not pass inspection prior to your race. You must use the Sparco side mount that was tested with that particular seat.
11. Do I need any additional adapters with brackets?
A: For most seat manufactures an additional adapter is not needed. Seats that have vertical mounting tabs on the bottom will need an additional adapter to adapt the vertical tabs to a flat mounting surface. For example, a lot of suspension seats in the industry have four vertical tabs on the bottom designed for mounting to a roll cage. With these tabs the seat cannot bolt to a flat mounting surface. Wedge has an adapter available that will bolt to these vertical tabs to create a flat surface and allow the seat to bolt to a Wedge seat bracket. If you have any questions regarding this adapter please call us at 801-912-0450.
12. What is the difference between single and double locking sliders?
A: When ordering brackets you’ll need to decide whether you want single locking sliders or double locking sliders. In some cases you’ll get these directly from the seat manufacture or you can get them from us direct. Single locking sliders have a single handle that you pull to the side to slide your seat forward and back and only one of the slider rails locks. Double locking sliders have a bar that connects the rails on each side of the bracket and you lift up on this bar to slide forward and back. Both rails will lock on a double locking slider.
13. What is the difference between tab and flat sliders?
A: Tab sliders have vertical mounting tabs on each end of the sliding rail. In most cases you will have three height adjustment holes. Flat sliders mount flat to the top side of your bracket and in most vehicles will allow you to sit lower compared to tab sliders. Unless you already have tab sliders from the seat manufacture we will in most cases make your bracket to accommodate flat sliders. Again this can vary depending on the bracket.
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