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Made in Japan, made in Tanabe. With over 20 years of experience in the development of quality automotive parts for performance application, we take pride in all our products engineered to the strictest of tolerances, produced with the highest quality materials, and made within our very own advanced ISO9001(International Organization for Standardization) & JISQ9001(Japanese Industrial Standard) certified manufacturing facility located in Shiga-city, Osaka-prefecture, Japan. Race Tested and engineered to perfection, get an edge over the competition. Fuel the racing spirit! 


1982:Founded in Ikeda-city, Osaka-prefecture, Japan as an automotive parts manufacturer with an initial capital investment of 2,000,000 yen.

Released strengthened suspension components, metal clutch disc, and flywheel.

1983:/increased capital investment by 5,000,000 yen and released more strengthened suspension components for aftermarket application.
1985:Introduced the Kepler clutch disc, performance oil cooler, and Limit Sports exhaust system.
1987:Purchased land to construct main headquarters in Nishishoji Minoo, Osaka.
1988:Moved into the new headquarters at Nishishoji Minoo, Osaka. Released strut tower bar.
1989:Japanese Automotive Sports Muffler Association (JASMA) founded, initial member of JASMA.

Released JASMA certified exhaust systems that meet strict standards for passing car inspections.

1989:/increased the total capital investment to 10,000,000 yen.

Released the Halt Barth series of shock absorbers (for European automobiles).

1991:Shiga factory construction completed.

Began production of exhaust systems that pass the strict annual automotive inspections in Japan.

Purchased new land to construct a larger headquarters in Higashionohara Minoo, Osaka.

1992:Moved the main office to Onohara Higashi Minoo-shi, Osaka (present location).

Released stabilizer bars (anti-sway bars).

1993:/increased total capital investment to 15,000,000 yen.

Released stainless steel exhaust manifold and air suspension tuning kit.

1994:Sponsored an N1 endurance race team.

Released Sustec Dampers, G Power Medalion exhaust systems, and Hyper Medalion exhaust systems.

1995:Released Sustec Pro.
1996:Released DTM Medalion exhaust system (European Automotive oriented).

Began construction of the new factory in Shiga and moved into the new factory on October of the same year.

/increased total capital investment to 30,000,000 yen.

1998:Released Sustec Pro S-O and Racing Medalion exhaust system.
1999:Started construction of the second Shiga factory acquisition to meet ISO9001 standards for certification.

Released Racing Wagon exhaust system, Hyper Wagon exhaust system, Under Brace, and G-Tec Brand of suspension components.

2000:/increased the total capital investment to 60,000,000 yen.

Released Sustec Pro S-S.

Purchased advanced laser cutting equipment and introduced into the manufacturing processes for Tanabe products.

2001:Purchased state-of-the-art German machinery for spring coil production. Began production of 2100 N/m tensile strength spring coils.
2002:Released Sustec Pro Air Cobra hybrid coilover suspension system.
2003:Released Sustec NF210 and GF210 series springs.

Tanabe USA Inc., /inc established in Torrance, California, USA.

2004:Released Ultra Medalion Series Exhaust System

Released Sustec Pro DD Coilover System

Released Sustec Pro Drift Spec Suspension Componets

Tanabe USA Inc. estabilishes More Japan division

2005:Aquired Speed Star Racing Wheel Co.

Released Medalion Concept G Blue Exhaust System

Released Medalion Touring Exhaust System

Released Medalion Concept G Exhaust System

2006:Released Sustec Pro SEVEN Coilover System

Released TEAS(Tanabe Electic Active System)

2007:Released Sustec Pro FIVE Coilover System

2012:Released Sustec Pro Z40 Coilover System

2014:Released Revel VLS (Visual OLED System) Gauges
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