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History background

Ichijima that had been followed intently the national race in the 80s is always a strange feeling at that time 
had tasted in a Formula car cockpit.

When you go well all the force missing Muga frontiers and like express any of the drive operation 
will feel like "there is no unnecessary tension" such a state. Settings also is set to look just the same the ground camber 
or to become strange is braking the also corner weight or ride height at rest, either whether to emphasize, 
it is all of balance rather than focusing only one point, such as "where More "not established the focus also 
by raising the bulk of the overall balance, more that it aims to heights is on the Settings 
began noticed the most important thing was that of these days.

Concept of Spoon said to began from there.

1985, immediately after the Honda has started mass production of the DOHC16 valve unit, Spoon in order to get rid of the barriers of race car and road-going car, 
developed such a performance parts for the Civic Si / CR-X Si to withstand the true sports driving It began to.

Although there is only a coincidence had been consistent with the time Honda has started the second phase of F1 activities, 
thoroughly to try a place of combat that circuit, sometimes the error, polished while sometimes repeating the success , 
the process that will be fed back to the parts for the road-going car, it is a journey, such as unexpectedly similar, 
I launched a spoon.

And race tuning only to the target Honda sports car model, as a speed shop 
will be opened along the Koshu Kaido.
Launched in the analysis and development of the race for the engine ECU. 
Development such as the race for the exhaust. We want to start selling.
Participated in Macau GP finish the North American model of NSX in race vehicle. 
Thanks to the cooperation of the agency Mr.Man of Hong Kong. Driver Ikezawa said. Class third place.
Race and I won the class EF3 type Civic in the UK Snetterton 24-hour endurance race. 
Driver Ichijima, Roland, three of James.
We want to start the export sales to Europe and the UK in the key.
Touring car endurance race (now the S-Tai) begins in the country race, the start of the race at the Civic EF9 type.
It first exhibited at Harumi Auto Salon.
Mareshiya, domestic while fights the Southwest Asia such as Thailand fights.
It produced a carbon body cowl I exhibition based on the Civic EG type to Auto Salon. 
carbon bonnet sales initially was told strange it was time that was beginning to be a little understanding.
Development of a race car in the Civic EK type, to start a race war.
Lightweight rim sales start, to undertake the development of aluminum calipers.
The same year to completion their building in Suginami Ogikubo that was obtained, and registration of a transfer its headquarters from Shimotakaido in Ogikubo. 
To start selling of tuning engine Assy, also developed trend to tune the Honda engine. 
It was opened engine classroom while you begin the sale of engine kit. 
The engine classroom to attend more than 200 people in the three years up to 99 years.
Civic Type R (EK9) launch. 
Civic Type R (EK9) in it to compete in the debut race at Suzuka released after the 6th.
Vehicle height adjustable damper kit sales start.
4 pot aluminum calipers sales start.
Sales start of B-type engine Assy.
I Capital increased to 24 million.
The release after five months S2000 I was competing in the race of the world's first combat. 
Class 1 in Tsukuba 9 hours endurance race, won the second place overall.

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