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Since 1993, SuperStainless catalytic converters from Random Technology have been setting the standard for high flow, high efficiency catalytic converters. Over the years, improvements in chemistry and metallurgy have enabled Random Tech to continually upgrade catalytic converter performance and durability. As a result, SuperStainess converters with either metal matrix or ceramic cores continue to be the best catalytic converters available.

Direct-fit, bolt-in SuperStainless converters are available for most vehicles. Universal fit converters are also available.Click here for application charts that contain specific part numbers for direct fit converters (no welding reqired) Direct fit converters contain all necessary flanges and oxygen sensor fitings as the original equipment converters they're designed to replace. Click here for DIMENSIONS of UNIVERSAL fit converters which are designed to be welded or clamped in place. Universal fit converters have the same flow characteristics as direct fit models with the same inlet and outlet diameter.

Independent testing by engine builders, racers, and automotive magazines has repeatedly proven the superiority of the Random Technology SuperStainless design. See the "test results" page for actual dyno test data.

This design, which meets Federal EPA and California ARB requirements, enables virtually any vehicle with a properly tuned engine to meet emissions standards with little, if any power loss (compared to an exhaust with no catalytic converter).

Please note that it is illegal to remove a properly functioning catalytic converter and that aftermarket catalytic converters are not legal for installation in California on OBD II vehicles (some 1994 & 1995, and all 1996 and later vehicles).

In fact, Random Technology high efficiency catalytic converters actually have a higher flow capacity than many mufflers. As an example, a 3" diameter 7000 series SuperStainless catalytic converter flows 617 cfm. Most 3" diameter high performance mufflers flow less than 475 cfm at the same test pressure. Random Technology direct fit SuperStainless catalytic converters are available for most domestic and imported vehicles. Custom catalytic converters with inlets and outlets up to 5" in diameter are available.

Random Technololgy also offers metal matrix catalytic converters designed for maximum flow capacity. These high flow converters are designed specifically for use in sanctioned race classes that require the use of catalytic converters.

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