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About Us
Kazama was founded in 2003 as a special service for importing rare, hard to find JDM parts from a select group of special Japanese automotive performance manufacturers. We import these parts directly from the manufacturer, and they come in all of their original packaging, straight from the manufacturer. We take care of all of the customs, duties and taxes, so you don't have to! We are constantly adding new manufacturers, if you have a recommendation, let us know!

The performance parts we carry are for automotive use, and should be considered as Off-Road use only. These parts can be used to tune and setup the car for Drifting, Autocross, Road Racing, Wangan, Drag Racing, Gymkhana, or pure Circuit Racing! The parts we carry are the same parts found in Japan's best Time Attack/Super Lap and Drifting cars!

For the enthusiast interest in car parts for Drifting, please see:
Ueo Style (AE86 Owners)
Kazama Auto (Nissan 240SX, and more)
Nagisa Auto (All Makes)

For the enthusiast interest in car parts for Circuit and Autocross, please see:
Nagisa Auto (Rugged Chassis Reinforcement and Suspension, All Makes)
Kansai Service (Nissan Skyline, EVO, WRX, Toyota and more) 

For the enthusiast interest in car parts for engine building and tuning, please see:
SARD (Fuel Delivery Tuning)
Kansai Service (Tuning Components for many makes)

For the enthusiast interest in customizing and accessorizing the interior and exterior of their car, please see:
BRIDE (Wide variety of performance seats, seat rails, and more)
Splash (Steering Hubs, Quick Releases, and more)
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