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Function And Form

About Us
FUNCTION & FORM AUTOLIFE INC. is more than a company name to us. It is a philosophy and an approach we take in building our brand and the products that we create. Conceived in 1999, and brought to fruition in 2005, we are on a mission to inspire the world with our products and concepts.Our first mission was to create suspension products for many of the world’s most popular and exciting automobiles. We approached the industry with a Function and Form philosophy by choosing both as a perfect balance, and not one over the other. We believe you can perform well and look great doing it. There can be style, class and grace in unison with success. We work everyday to bring functional products that put a smile on our customers’ faces when used for their purpose, and also give them the confidence in the appearance department. Add innovative customer service thats second to none, customer appreciation, and our approach to the automotive industry, and you have a company that aspires to bring a positive impact to the forefront of the world.Our second mission will be expressing the lifestyle many of us here at Function and Form Autolife Inc., and our customers’ live. From the automobiles, to the individuals behind the car, to the lives lived by the individuals, we believe we can express this through our product designs, engineering, and packaging. We strive to look for innovative ways to contribute to our customers’ lifestyles, by always thinking ahead and outside of the box. We choose to go the path not taken by other companies, and dare to be different. This is more than suspension products, this is a lifestyle, a experience, a Brand. The Function & Form Autolife Brand. We represent different cultures. We are an extension of our customers, so you know that anything we do, we believe in to the fullest. It is genuine and authentic.Join us in becoming part of the movement, and experience, that we at Function & Form Autolife Inc. are creating to change the landscape of the automotive world. We hope you enjoy our website. Feel free to contact us with any comments and/or suggestions. Thank You!
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