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Corporate history
1981:Started manufacturing BRIDE sports seats and the company BRIDE Co.,Ltd
     The first reclining model GT was announced.

1982:For more sporty reclining model 【EX】was announced

1983:BRIDE LOGO was announced

1985:The first gradation seat model with the LOGO was announced
     BRIDE’s first racing reclining model 【PRO】was announced

1986:Net rest sports version 【UNI】was announced
     Racing full bucket seat 【PRO-R series】was announced
     For the compact car 【CAM series】was announced
     High quality real leather model 【NOVA】was announced

1988:【PROS series】the upgraded version of the racing reclining model PRO was announced

1989:For bigger business, BRIDE Co.,Ltd, incorporated as the T’s Co.,Ltd
1990:Focused on the comfort reclining seat 【BASIS】was announced
     Joint development with the Bertrand Faure Co.Ltd( now is called Faurecia Co.Ltd)
     for the super low position seat rail
     【Seat Rail S type】was announced
     To conquer the track, the pure model 【ZETA】was announced

1991:The ergonomics design reclining seat 【ERGO】was announced
     The right-and-left asymmetrical form improved from the race 【ARTIS】and 
     【ARTIS NAVI】was announced

1992:The combined unit of the side stay and the seat rail 【Seat Rail V type】was announced
     Super sports reclining seat 【BRIX】was announced

1993:【EURO】, 【BEEMO】, and 【BEEMO AERO】was announced

1994:The new origin of the racing weapon 【VIOS】was announced
     The low shoulder version of the high performance model ZETA, 【AXIS】and 
     【LEOS】was announced
     All BRIDE seats are correspondence for the Automobile inspection

1995:Low back seat model【EXAS】, GT car spec model 【ZIEG】,and the head guard
     equipped model 【GARDIS】was announced
     Approved as the FIA official recognition full bucket seat model 【ZETA-ZZR】was

1996:The first in the world that was approved as the FIA official recognition for the head
     guard equipped full bucket seat model 【GARDIS-ZZR】was announced 
     The full bucket seat model which you can take off the head guard model 【DINOS】was

1997:Shape memory urethane tune up pad was announced

1998:The new holding monster full bucket series 【ZETA2】was announced
     【ZETA2 Type L】,【DINOS2】,【MAXIS】,【ZEROS】were announced
     Super Revolution model 【REVS】was announced
     Reclining series red version was announced
1999:For tune up pad series and for the seat back protector brought up a new color carbon
     kepler look was announced

2000:Improved from the previous series the high rigidity low position seat rail and made it
     lighter weight comes for the competition car, the adjustable seat stay(VF type) was announced 
     Super avant-garde model 【XAX】was announced

2001:FIA official recognition for all the full bucket seats were announced
     To make the seat low position than lower, we made the seat itself come between the
     seat rail, which is the 【VG】form and was announced

2002:Reclining series black logo version was announced

2003:Pipe frame form of the light weight sports full bucket seat 【PROS】was announced.
     Tough structure by which high intensity and quantity rigidity were thoroughly carried
     out compared with the conventional product came out with the BRIDE’s new type seat
      rail【RO type】, 【MO type】,【F series】were announced
     The higher performance than the 2 series are the new full bucket 2 series 【ZETA3】,
     【ARTIS3】,【EXAS3】were announced
     The most popular best seller reclining seat which is the BRIDEism 2 series 【BRIX2】, 
     and 【ERGO2】were announced
     The bucket seat which you could make it to a chair with the caster 【Multicaster】was
     The tradition of the BRIDE gradation color was announced
     【ARTIS3 NAVI】,【ZETA3 Type L】,and【ZETA3 Type S】were announced

2004:Having the basic function of the ERGO2 and improved the getting-on-and-off skill
     SUV model, 【XAX2】was announced
     Just only for the circuit(racing track) purpose came up with the pure racing seat,
     holding monster 【MAXIS3】and 【GARDIS3】were announced
     10 different color variations were added for the reclining seat, able to choose from the
      top 3 different model from the driving style, entry series, and the leather series.
     By using the 5mm thick aluminum stay and suit the FIA standard is the competition
     model lightweight fixed type seat stay 【FX type】was announced
     The extreme super low position system 【Lowmax system】(patent pending) full bucket
     seat and the seat rail 【LF type】were announced
     ZETA3 FRP approved by the FIA
     WORKS BLUE, reclining seat and the full bucket seat were announced
     Ultralight and high rigidity with 5mm thick aluminum stay used as the standard,
     full bucket seat rail 【IG type】was announced

2005:From the Lowmax series came up with the full bucket series 【ZIEG3】was announced
     From the Lowmax series came up with the reclining full bucket seat 【GIAS】was
     Simple racing model 【ZETA3 SPORT】was announced
     Form the Lowmax series came up with the reclining full bucket seat,
     GIAS series NEW model 【STRADIA】was announced
     The new seat rail 【RX type seat rail】and the 【YO type seat rail】were announced

2006:Thegradation fabric which is the BRIDE’s symbol color changed the material to the
     laminated rubber mat which has the durability was announced
     LOTUS ELISE/ Exige model 【ZODIA】was announced
     Reclining New Ergonomics design 【EURO2】was announced
     Lowmax series 【GIAS】,and【STRADIA】FRP version and the 【GIAS SPORT】and
     【STRADIA SPORT】were announced
     Reclining seat 【CUGA】was announced
     Reclining seat 【VORGA】was announced

2007:Limited of 1000, the high cost performance simple racing model’s full bucket seat
     【VIOS3 SPORT】was announced
     Added to the regular series and up graded model of the new 【VIOS SPORT】was

2008:Limited 100 premium seat was announced

2009:Lowmax series 【GIAS2】and 【STRADIA2】were announced
     BRIDE’s first reclining seat with the arm rest 【EURO2 CRUZ】was announced
     The evolution type of DIGO, 【DIGO type R】was announced
     The stepless reclining seat of high-class suede cloth specification 【STRADIA JAPAN】
     was announced

2010:The company name changed to 【BRIDE, Inc】by unifying with the manufacuting
     company BRIDE Inc.

2011:【MAXISⅢ series】,【ZEIGⅢ type R series】,【VIOSⅢ series(besides the SPORT C)】,
     【VIOSⅢ type R】,【ZETAⅢ type L series】,【ZETA type XL series】became the FIA
     Standard official-recognition acquisition
     30mm wider version of the ZETAⅢ type L, big size model 【ZETAⅢ type XL】was
     announced For the tall driver and people who wants to save the head clearance for
     the NISSAN R35(GT-R) 
     full bucket’s super low position rail 【FT type】was announced
     Improving the seat back intensity and added the new color 【Clear Black】came up with
     the sports series evolution model 【ZETAⅢ SPORT C】,【EXASⅢ SPORT C】, and 
     were announced
     Added a new lineup for the super aramid black shell for all the full bucket seat series
     was announced
     Added a new lineup for the super aramid black shell for the GIASⅡ, and the 
     STRADIAⅡwas announced

2012:Limited 50 【ZETAⅢ SPORT-C RED limited color version】was announced
     【Fashion protector】was announced
      Improved version of getting-on-and-off of the EUROⅡ, 【EUROSTER】and 
      were announced
      A new version with the smart line and the full stitch of the STRADIAⅡSPORT, 
     【STRADIAⅡ REIMS】was announced
     A new version with the smart line and the full stitch of the VIOSⅢ SPORT-C,
     【VIOSⅢ REIMS】was announced
      The new color added to the EUROⅡ 【RED BE】, and the 【BLUE BE】was announced
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