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BLITZ began in the late 1970's as a circuit racing team and eventually developed into a high performance tuning shop. In 1980 BLITZ Co., LTD. was established in Tokyo, Japan. The concept was to produce high performance products without sacrificing the capability if being daily driven, commuter cars. A key to BLITZ's success was from the extensive race experience and also the use of German made KKK turbos, currently owned by the Borg Warner Corp. With the integration of KKK components, BLITZ had been able to produce high performance products for race and street purposes.
BLITZ has always manufactured the highest quality products. We produce everything from electronics to racing wheels. Every BLITZ produced has gone through extensive research and testing to ensure optimum performance.
As the automotive industry continues to evolve, BLITZ continues to change with the automotive industry. As the turbocharged vehicles are phased out, BLITZ has been able to develop a new Compressor System (supercharger) to increase the performance and horsepower of a normally aspirated vehicle.
Since the establishment of a small tuning shop in the late 1970's, BLITZ has grown and evolved to a global company. BLITZ now distributes to Australia, England, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

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