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4G63T Mitsubishi Evolution 4-8 Build Your Block
4G63T Engine Block Rebuild Kit

4G63T Mitsubishi Evolution 4-8 Build Your Block

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Part Number:4G63T Evo 4-8 Block Rebuild

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Mitsubishi OEM Mitsubishi Evo 8 4g63T Headgasket Head Gasket MN155760 (+$76.63)
Cometic MLS Head Gasket 86mm .051 Evo4-8 4G63T 7-Bolt (+$98.24)
Tomei Head Gasket Mitsubishi EVO 4-9 4G63 (+$120.00)
JE Pro Seal Head Gasket Mitsubishi Evolution 4-8 (+$120.00)
HKS Mitsubishi EVO 4 - 9 86mm .027 Thick Bead Type Head Gasket (+$170.00)
ACL Thrust Washer DSM 2G (97-99) 4G63T 7 Bolt Evo 4 5 6 7 8 9 (+$2.50)
Clevite Balance Shaft Bearing STD 4G63T Mitsubishi Eclipse Evo (+$24.24)
ACL Race Rod Bearings Mitsubishi Eclipse Evolution 4-9 Talon 4G63 7-Bolt (+$50.51)
ACL Race Main Bearings Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 Eclipse Talon 4G63 97+ 7-Bolt (+$84.92)
ARP Balancer Bolt Kit Mitsubishi Eclipse DSM Evo1-9 4G63T (+$33.07)
ARP M8 Rod Bolt Kit Mitsubishi Eclipse Evo 4G63T 7 Bolt (+$41.55)
ARP Main Stud Kit Mitsubishi Eclipse Evo1-9 4G63T (+$72.24)
ARP Head Stud Kit Mitsubishi 94+ Eclipse Evo1-9 4G63T 7 Bolt (+$130.79)
ARP "L19" Headstud Kit Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 (+$239.95)
ARP CA625+ Head Stud Kit 94+ Eclipse Evo1-9 4G63T 7 Bolt (+$365.67)
Manley Pistons Mitsubishi 2G DSM / EVO 4G63 7-Bolt (+$400.21)
In this category you will find all of the bottom end parts that you may need for the 4G63 EVO 4-8, Pistons, Rods, Bearings, Sleeves, Block Guards, Crankshafts, Crank Pulleys, Engine Mounts, Oil Pumps, Timing Belts, Studs, Stroker Kits. We can do either: Call you after order and ask you size of parts or